Est. 1985

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


CPE Tech Ltd., together with its employee cycling club members, visited a nearby old folk home with the company’s executive director, Derrick Wu, and the group’s chief financial officer, Hun Jiang Yann, leading the delegation.

As one of the company’s community charity activities as part of its social responsibility, the visit not only involved greeting and distributing new year angpow to all residents of the old folk home, but also providing some items requested by the home and a donation of RM 3,100 to help with operating expenses.

CPE Tech Group and its subsidiaries have been located in Johor Bahru for 27 years, producing and exporting precision industrial components. The group places emphasis on employee health and established an employee cycling club last year to encourage staff who lack physical activity to participate in healthy cycling, and to carry out the company’s community charity activities through the club.